February 2009

Marking, marked, again.


Hello kidz and kittenz. So it seems someone has nominated my posts on Firefly and prostitution for the 9th Downunder Feminists Carnival. Check it out, mes amis. I only just spotted it because I have been behind on my reading because… well, here’s a lil secret, y’all… I flew across the world for a job interview. I had prepped like you would not believe for this interview. I had studied staff research interests and the content of curriculum. I had not slept. I had planned outfits. I had considered how I might supplement the existing research interests and so on…

And then Ryanair went and cancelled my flight. Which mean that when I turned up, I had had about 12 hours sleep… spread over about 52 hours of travel. I was given about fifteen minutes, and then had to go and give my presentation and be interviewed. I did a spectacularly bad job (at least, that’s how it felt. People keep telling me I probably did better than I thought I had done. To which I say ‘[shrug] yeah maybe.’). I didn’t say things I should have: discourse analysis, case studies, professional development of postgraduates, informal mentoring, etc etc etc. And I said things I shouldn’t have: students’ sexism makes me grumpy etc. Anyway. Blahblah. I may find out how it went in the next few weeks. But hence the lack of presence here. But fingers crossed, I will find more time to blog in over the next wee while. I still want to come back to fictional prostitution, because I have another text to examine: the world of trashy fantasy, or, more particularly, a series which is both indulgent and intriguing: The Kushiel books.