EY lovelies. I want nothing more than to hang out here and post banal crazy shit. However, I am also being very stern with myself, given that I have a thousand and one things to sort out. I am currently half-moved, a situation I recommend not at all. I am out of my old house, and unable to return (!), and not yet into my new house (thanks to crappy sydneysider housing costs and stupid market etc etc boring boring boring shit). On the *hup!* side, the place I do have will have all the uniqueness of being mine-and-mine-alone, having my shiny new fridge (am total adult now!), and the Sly Fox as my local (! bring on nightly $6 cocktails and Wednesdays of Kingness! Woot!). In the meantime, I am also trying to get a final draft of my final chapter to my (final?) supervisor. After which, she assures me, I will take two weeks to make the ‘cosmetic’ changes she is suggesting (at least one per page, however, which makes me feel a little less comforted than I think she intended…) and possibly a lil longer to write an intro and conclusion, and hand the bastard in. We’ll see. I’ve been promising to finish this thesis any minute now for, oh, months, really. If you pray, send vibes of goodness, or drink in sympathy to people, now would be the moment to do so.

In other words, I will be back, but I may be some time…

(in other other words, this bastard may kill me yet… ;-))