So it looks like I’m not alone in the dreaming of more interesting and more just futures…! I’ll admit that I screamed ‘Fuck off!’ at the TV a lot tonight as Brough made his I’m-such-a-statesman-and-thinking-only-of-the-indigenous-population speech, Costello did his and-I-just-probably-lost-my-chance-at-leadership sad carry-on, and Howard took ‘FULL responsibility.’ (Yes dear, we know it’s your fault, that’s why people voted you the fuck out, you know?) And I spent much of the rest of the night unrelentingly gleeful and copying Maxine McKew’s split-face grin and happy-dance arm-wave: cheering when Rudd put indigenous Australians first, acknowledged the unions, when Gillard grinned and grinned and played it sweetly calm and cool, and when I watched how few slivers of pie were coloured blue. I think there were only a couple of seats that had Liberal swings.

I mean really, as a dear friend of mine pointed out, Howard called his wife ‘cement’ and Rudd called Therese ‘darling.’ [Thanks nix; that’ll teach me to post drunk.] I think that pretty much says it all.

But perhaps most importantly of all, I drank to the possibility of new spaces, of new conversations, of new ways of doing politics. I don’t expect much, but I do hope.

And I raise a glass with all and sundry celebrating tonight! You kids rock.