SO those of you who are regular visitors here have probably been a bit… well, I won’t fill in that blank for you. But it’s been a while since I’ve felt able to post something substantial, for a multitude of reasons, some of which, if you’re a regular, you know about. I have been hoping to get back into the swing of it really soon. But at the moment my life is about to hit chaos: marking, a paper to finish, another to write (well, another few, but one sooner than the others), an abstract for a book to write, a chapter to finish and an annual review (gulp!) to prepare for. Chaos, I tells ya! But given that the ‘I really ought to do a decent blog post sometime soon’ stress is one I have a bit more control over, I think I should set it aside for a little while. I do mean a little while. Hopefully less than two weeks. Cross your fingers and toes for me!