WHAT do you think, people? Spam, or not spam?

Hi, Im from Melbourne.
Please check out these references which say everything that all the Continental philosophers (male & female) said—and much more besides—and with complete certainty about what He is communicating.

1. www.mummerybook.org
2. www.daplastique.com
3. http://global.adidam.org/books/eleutherios.html
4. www.kneeoflistening.com
5. www.dabase.org/twoarmc.htm

I’m a little bemused—and amused—by the specificity. It’s… erm… good that you’re from Melbourne, thinks I. They have quality caffeinated beverages in that corner of the world. And also good that you’re including those without cocks in amongst that testosterone-heavy bunch regularly called “Continental philosophers”. I tend to be distrustful of ‘complete certainty’ at the best of times, however, and also of pronouns that are capitalised without the excuse of immediately following a full stop. All the moreso when I chase the links and discover that someone seems to think that I’m in desperate need of a) a guru, b) “Eastern wisdom” and c) leaving my body behind in order to achieve… um… Paradise.

Is it just straight-up sluttishness [Tongue! Cheek!] to proclaim that actually, I quite enjoy being embodied, and that this Paradise sounds rather hellish as a result? Or shall I go the conceptual route all over again, point out that this is exactly what Nietzsche meant when he rejected the Platonic two-worlds hypothesis, and that even poor Descartes, who keeps being made responsible for the Cartesian split, thought that conceiving of the body as a container for the mind was more than a little bit dubious?

Nah, let’s stick with apparent sluttishness…