so it would seem that rather than ‘intermittent’ net access, I would have been better to say ‘nothing reliable enough to post.’ Apologies, people. But I’m back, back, back, with plans aplenty about what next to write about, and a post or two up my sleeve.

Adelaide is an odd place—or so it seems to me now. It didn’t really seem that way when I was a teenager, but then I guess you just get used to it. A school friend I caught up with suggested that the marriage+babies thing that a number of the old school crew seem to be up to is due to there being “not much else to do” in Adelaide. I like that explanation in some ways, but I’m not sure it’s making me any more keen to head to the reunion later this year. But more on that in a separate post—the class and race (and of course gender, though I’ll likely focus on that less) politics of private girls schools. Aren’t you just waiting with bated breath?

I did get a lot of reading done—well, some, anyhow. I’ll continue the Given Time reading I’ve been doing up here, but it’ll be interspersed with some other fun stuff. In amongst all the promised posts. Anyhoo. Hallooo. 🙂 It’s good to be back!