SO none of my promised posts have quite made it to fruition but given I’m so hazy, it’s probably all to the good. I have one pondering the whole five-year lease and permit abolishment part of the Liberal’s plan ‘for’ indigenous communities, but I have to read up a wee bit more (though even then it’ll probably be holey as all get out) before I’m willing to stick it up. And having written vaguely cheerful things on the back of people’s essays til very late last night (something about marking—I always promise I’ll give myself more time and not leave it til the last minute and do a really properly rigorous job, then run out of time) and marked too many late ones today, I’m completely buggered. Far too tired to attempt to regain any of my awake understandings of the Derrida and Nancy stuff I promised. Besides, I’m feeling like I should really get around to explaining Levinas on ‘compassion’ as the counterpart to ‘Suffering Others’ before I forget again. All the weary has meant packing has been a slow and laborious process strung out over hours (‘Do you really need so many black tops, WP?’ ‘Well, what else am I going to wear?’ ‘Why not mix it up with some red?’ ‘Oh, alright fine, but if I have to pay extra for luggage tomorrow, WP, I’m blaming you… um… wait a sec…’) though pleasantly mellowed by a friend’s gift of Patricia Barber.

But in the true tradition of exhausted bloggers, I have a couple of places to send you off to: first, if I’d been more coherent, I would have responded to this post over at Slant Truth, because I both agree and wonder how refigurings of communities beyond commonality might work in the context of activism; second, partly because it relates to the Slant Truth post, and partly because the organisers are just so damn fine, the second CORA.

I figure they have to have proper net access somewhere in Adelaide, but posts might be intermittent til I find one close to where I’m staying. But decent new posts are coming, I promise, all boilin’ up inside… Til then!