RECENTLY, retired its ‘feed stats’ page. They claimed it was terribly inaccurate anyway, but it’s sad loss to a new blog, I have to say. I didn’t think I’d be so drawn into the whole stats thing, given that my commitment to the blog was really not based on whether people read it or not, but strangely, watching the line go up and down is a little exciting (and thanks to my linkers for their generous sharing of blog traffic, which caused the ups!). And it became involving. When it dropped low, at least I could comfort myself that the feed stats balanced it out a little. So I’ve burned my feed (seriously, da ‘tubes are responsible for some bizarre new language uses) with feedburner. If you feel like letting your reading me be a tiny ego-stroke, use the RSS in the right-hand column. If you feel you don’t know me nearly well enough to do any stroking of anything, feel free to use the link in your browser bar (that remains the wordpress one.)